Why Videography?

Pictures are beautiful. They capture a snapshot of all of those special moments. They decorate our homes with memories and store nicely in photo albums on the bookshelf. But after a few years, memories can start to fade. You forget what was said at your ceremony. You forget about all the little jokes your best man said during his toast and the tear jerkers your maid of honour included in hers. You forget about how you first dance went, and how Uncle Ted had a few too many and had a first dance of his own. This is where videography steps in. The week after, on your first anniversary, or your 50th, you will have a timeless collection of everything that went on during your special day, from the nerves of putting on that wedding dress, to the cutting loose on the dance floor after a successful day.

Catch What You Miss

They say that you are so busy on your wedding day, that you are lucky to even have time for a piece of your own cake. If this is the case, as many engaged couples will soon realize, it is hard to find time to just step back and soak in all the precious moments that are going on around them. This day that you planned so diligently and, most likely, spent a fortune on, is going to go by in a blur and so many special details will go by unnoticed. The video of your wedding will capture many of these moments for you to witness for the first time, or relive in a relaxed setting where you can actually enjoy them.

You Just Had To Be There

Now you can be! Every family member and friend who couldn’t attend or missed out on a special moment has the chance to experience it as if they were actually there. No more trying to describe every intricate detail and being left with, “you just had to be there.”